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Аddress: Belarus, Brest region., Ivanovo district, etc. Vorotsevichi

The complex was founded on 21 June 2005 by decision of the Ivanovo District Executive Committee #532 “About Founding the Cultural Institution: N. Orda District Museum Complex in Vorotsevichi, the Department of Culture of the Ivanovo District Executive Committee”. The museum welcomed its first visitors in August 2007. The main activities of the museum are aimed at promoting the creative heritage of N. Orda. At the moment, the first line of the museum complex is available: the Art Gallery of N Orda. The exposition of the Art Gallery is located in five halls: three halls are devoted to the creative heritage of N. Orda, the 4th hall presents the works of local artists, the 5th hall houses temporary exhibitions. Over the past seven years, on the basis of the museum, there were six national and regional artists’ open airs and one sculpture-carvers’ open-air. In 2011, the museum was attended by over 7,000 people. The museum includes 1,744 items. The main collection of the museum are art and clothing. The main activities of the museum are excursions, museum and educational classes, concerts.

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District Museum Complex of N. Orda.


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